'Magen har fundet sit lyntog' and we are now open for real.

We're lazy

Well no updates here for a looong time. Guess we have had too busy lives to do much about it. Got problems with my previous host so the site has been moved.

Hopefully I'll get some inspiration/time to do a bit of posting and perhaps some graphics here. And one of my plans is trying to get Slide to do some music again. He's been slacking off in that department lately! ;)


Retro Gear anyone?

Well, circumstances have made me less nerdy and I am getting rid of all my retro stuff.

  • AmigaOne (uA1)
  • Several A4000's (one with the Elbox Mirage Pro tower, matching daughterboard, Voodoo 5500 Gfx-card, Realtec NIC and some other stuff)
  • A beefed up A1200 (68030 card with 128 MB Fast Ram, PCMCIA NIC with EasyNet software, SCSI controller (DKB Squirrel), 80 GB HD, OS 3.9)
  • A C128D
  • A C64 with RetroReplay+NIC, MMC64, Custom PSU, 1541-II, 1541-I
  • A ZX-80 with PSU and original printer

If anyone is interested please mail me. You can find my email on the contacts page

*UPDATE* .. Sale is over now.


Breakpoint 2007 Update

Since we did not want to appear lazy, we've added a few photos from BreakPoint 2007. Check them out in the Party Images section!

Online forever

Well we believe it's time that PolkaPartment moved into a nice 1. roomer on the internet. We're looking forward to publish all kinds of weird things here.

Breakpoint 2007

We are 2 members here who will attend Breakpoint this year. Slide and Colin will jump on the Party bus from Århus and we're looking forward to the german karrywürsts and a great demo party!

Polka B. shops ecologically

Several shopping malls in East Jutland were shocked when a (little) herd of Polka Brothers members bought every ecological product within several miles. The plan is to achieve a market takeover in Poland later this year. The least sustainable goods (like rabbits and water-shedding cardboard) will be used in-house for testing purposes.