The official member list in a "oh-yeah-we're-so-important" order for Polka Brothers.

Note: if any members have joined another group please let us know so we can have this list as accurate as possible.

Active members

  • Slide (music, graphics)
  • Colin (SYS, graphics)
  • Chromag (music)

Inactive members

  • Airwalk (coding, music, graphics)
  • Laxity/Merge (coding, music, graphics)
  • Gargoyle (coding)
  • Vandrup (graphics)
  • Mount (graphics)
  • Pixie (graphics)
  • Tivurr (music)
  • Devilstar (graphics)
  • Vention (coding)
  • Crazy Crack (coding)
  • Crash (coding)
  • SCA (coding)